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All PT 6 & PW 100 Engines for Sale at Affordable Prices

If you are in the market for an engine you do not see listed, please let us know. Our purchasing department is daily in contact with sellers of aircraft and engines and may have just what you need in a prospective purchase. It may be of mutual benefit to contact us. You could purchase your engine for an excellent price while we build our inventory of quality, affordable parts!

From many years, UTP parts have been dedicated to providing top-notch experiences for our customers in the aviation industry. Among the many services we provide, UTP specializes in selling engine parts as well as whole turbine engines for PT6, PW100 engine models.

There are several models of the PW 100 Engines for Sale , so you can choose the perfect engine. The Pt6 engines are used for the ship. The pt6 engine is a powerful engine and there are several models are the PT6 A-21, PT6 A-25c, PT6 A-27/28, PT6 A-34AG, PT6 A-35, PT6 A-41 and more models of the Pt6 engine in the worldwide using to these models.

We maintain stock for a wide variety of aircraft - Commercial, Regional, Corporate, General Aviation from such manufacturers as Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, GE, Turbomeca, Lycoming, Continental, etc. We are located in Prattville, AL – an ideal location for both domestic and international business with ample shipping resources.

While we offer numerous motors totally, and additionally professionally disassemble numerous motors to expand our various buys of new and utilized stock. We keep up follow and all log information on segments and motors and parts. Parts are reported and legitimately safeguarded in the atmosphere controlled distribution center.

We bolster Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul offices, Fixed Based Operators and Aircraft Owners worldwide to give cost sharing arrangements that lower upkeep costs and enhance flying machine esteem. We have put vigorously in this program, having destroyed many turboprop and turbofan motors.

Since we esteem our client's trust in us, the majority of the sellers we work with for our overhauls are AS9120, ASA-100 & ISO9001 ( meeting the requirements of FAA AC 00-56) repair stations whose quality of work is unsurpassed. Our organization is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customized service & all PT6 Engines for Sale & other parts of the turbine engine at competitive rates.

Most Popular PT6 Engine for Sale

A turbine Engine is any kind of turning device that uses the action of a fluid to convey work. The Common liquid is air wind water steam and helium.There are likewise probably the PT6 motor has gained impressive ground in 50 years. What's more, it keeps on coming out on top in light of the fact that come with each new version of the Pt6 engine infuses new advancements to keep the engine fresh and impressively aggressive. It's not coincidentally that today's PT6 engine is up to four times more capable than the first engine from 1963.

Administrators of Pt6 Engines may likewise run over progression inside the motor's natural plan and style. Not very many instruments are required to keep up the motor. The pt6 motor was an exceptionally inventive gas turbine that showed a critical improvement in advancement from the conventional driven motor used to power little airplane. Gas turbines have a higher vitality to weight extent than a cylinder motor.

According to specialists this engine is a model of development and not another of PWs customary turbofan engines with a couple of incremental improvements. Actually, a PT6 Engine is usually scalable technology that can be redeveloped and redesigned based on clients specifications. PT6 engines have incontestable their versatility in powering aircraft applications spanning the airline general aviation helicopter and utility markets.The particular Pt6 engine family incorporates three engine collection with raising electrical power levels referred to as Pt6 small, Medium and large. The increased force levels are accomplished by expanding compressor air flow and the amount of power turbine stage.

PW100 Engines Now a day are available in 38 models and offer flexibility and capability for a variety of applications. UTP has an expansive stock of PT6 motor and parts of gas turbine engines for sale and aftermarket turbine parts. The pt6 motor is a progressed fusing the most recent advancements in its drive to surpass their client's desires in execution unwavering quality toughness fuel utilization and ecological kind disposition.

Control flying machine Pt6 motor by and by control flying machine in organization with more than 7200 managers in more than 180 countries. More than 51000 Pt6 have been made consequent to the primary Pt6 motor was conveyed in 1963. The pt6 motor has logged 380 million flying hours.

The pt6 is a modular design that way the gas generator can reduced gearbox and can be matched to create a new program. Even new pt6 developed on focused on higher speed and better fuel efficiency. The PT6 Engine for Sale is a most popular engine.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Choose Your Motor With The Latest Technology of PW 100 Engine

The PW 100 Engine exhibits with the advance energy in Aircraft. This was first recorded in 1984. It develops the twice of the stroke of the crust engine under the supersonic surroundings.The PW  100 dynamo is the touchstone for low consumption fuel on the lower direction 350 miles or less than it. It produces 50 % less Caron dioxide than the other chopper. It is a high power rating mechanism.These Engines are the highest quality turbines in the world.

It was configured by three shafts and two spool generator. There are low pressure and high pressure that are the contract with mechanically cool cylinder gas. Through the third shaft, couple power is forwarded to the offset driver reduction Gearbox.It has turbine power shaft which converts the output production into higher force.It gives the maximum power output 1,342–1,846 kW. The PW 100 family is the mechanism of choice of 30 to 90% of people due to its reliability, durability, and suitability. Incorporating with the latest and advanced technologies PW motors proves that it is the modern revolution with high performances. It consumes 20-40% less fuel than the other. It has a self-maintained system and lowest fuel consumption with lowest carbon emission.It brings the 1,800 to 5000 shaft horsepower.

It organizes with latest advanced technologies to attain the maximum number of result from customers. It has an eco-friendly and stable performance with proper efficiencies. PW 100 dynamo is the modern version of  PW 100 Engine because it has low fuel consumption That is why It is called as “Green revolution” Aircraft. It is made up of a number of interchangeable parts if any part of turbine does not work properly it can be changed or removed easily without any distraction.It is a fuel efficient and advanced tool which can handle the 30 to 70 sectional transport.

The PW100 Engines are widely used in most of the engines are Xian MA60, ATR 42/ATR 72 etc. Other features of this are dry weight due to which it is used in various utility functions.It can perform 8,000-10,000 hours on the wing without taking any break or stop, It's an exciting batch.It is also used in Bombardier Jet train.It gives the easy repair and tools operations for Pilots and Workers.