Thursday, 31 December 2015

Features of PW100 Engine

The PW100 family is the engine of choice for modern thirty to ninety passenger turboprop airliners around the world appreciates to its excellent durability, reliability, as well as operating economics. Providing the lowest carbon emissions and fuel consumption, and incorporating the latest proven advanced technologies, PW100 engines have been proved that they are the greenest in the airline industry for the shorter routes which are served by the regional airlines.

PW100 engines incorporate the latest advanced technologies in the drive to exceed the expectations of our customers in performance, fuel consumption, durability, reliability, and environmental friendliness.

PW100 powered regional turboprop aircraft consume upto twenty-five to forty percent less fuel and produce up to fifty percent lower carbon emissions than similar sized jets, with correspond to lower greenhouse gases. Thirty-eight PW100 models have been produced which ranges in shaft horsepower from 1,800 shp to 5,000 shp. The PW100 engine is a three-shaft, two-spool engine.

High-pressure and low-pressure compressors are powered independently by cooled turbine stages. A third shaft couples the power turbine to the propeller via a reduction gearbox and which is optimized for establishing the best combination of engine and propeller efficiencies. The outcome is class-leading fuel consumption as well as low greenhouse emissions.

The newest design technologies, materials, and advanced engine control have enabled the PW100 engine to regularly achieve more than ten thousand hours on-wing in the absence of a shop visit, a remarkable dispatch reliability record and provide the pilot as well as maintenance crew with easy engine operation as well as maintenance.

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Features of PT6A Engine Which is A Main Variant of PT6 Engine

The PT6A engine family continuous to advance, integrating the latest technologies in the drive to exceed the expectations of our customers in reliability, fuel consumption, performance, environmental friendliness, and durability. More than sixty-nine PT6A engine models have been produced which ranges shaft horsepower from 500 shp to 2,000 shp. 

New aerodynamic, as well as material technologies, have enabled the PT6 engine for gaining more power without considerably increasing in size. Other innovations have increased the maintenance intervals, reduced the emissions, and further enhanced ease of operation with the introduction of digital electronic control to small gas turbine engines.

The novel PT6A configuration has been proved to be a key attribute to its success. Its reverse flow inlet, rearward, and forward facing turbine section providing quick maintenance which is turn-around through on-wing hot section refurbishment in aircraft installations. The PT6A engine is a two-shaft engine with a multi-stage compressor which is driven by a single-stage compressor turbine and an independent shaft coupling the power turbine to the propeller via an epicyclic concentric reduction gear box.

The PT6A family of engines which is the main variant of PT6 engine represents three series of models with increasing power levels, known as PT6A Small, Medium, and Large. Through the increase of compressor air flow as well as increased number of power turbine stages, the increased power levels are achieved. The latest models enjoy the benefit of additional advanced technologies in turbine cooling, materials, and aerodynamic design.

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Main Variant of PT6 Engine for Sale

For a while, each and every person who has been involved in aviation knows at least a little about Pratt and Whitney and also about the PT6A engine model of company which is the main variant of PT6 engine, which has long been one of the top in the world when it comes to performance for the commercial aircraft.

The PT6 line was reinvigorated in 2012 and again in 2013 with new technology. The PT6A engines were improved with some additional models, allowing them to deliver great performance to a wide variety of large aircraft.

In actual, there are some different features to PT6A engine that make them highly popular in large fleets as well as smaller commercial businesses like specialty charter jet organizations. The PT6A engine is a powerhouse that accomplishes one of the best power to weight ratios of any aircraft engine. It is incredibly reliable, highly versatile, and also available in small, medium and large configurations to suit really any aircraft.

With higher maintenance intervals and low emissions than almost any comparable engine, you can get a tremendous amount of value from a PT6A if you purchase it from a reputable source that can introduce you to the intricacies to keep it in flight.

It is very important not to over-maintain the PT6A engine and to focus on the areas that are likely to need attention. In this situation, getting inside insights from maintenance benefits who focus on PT6A is a good way to reduce maintenance time while ensuring excellence of performance.

PT6A engine which is the main variant of PT6 engine for sale needs to be chosen in accordance with the particular needs and uses for your aircraft. Once the right selection is made, you can then find that they have some lowest costs of operation in the industry.

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